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Trace the history of football socks, you'll find that the first to wear it is a man. In 1589, a man named William Lee who invented it, can then not for a football match, nike socks on sale but for the men to wear shorts, soccer socks (or should only be called the prototype of football socks) reflected only the most basic function - to keep warm, and later gradually appear in the game. To the 1970s, as Britain and other school rules and regulations do not allow girls to go to school with pants, nike socks for sale so once again the reasons for warm socks football into the campus, and came out of the campus, naturally be attributed to the Ivy style. In fact, when we can often mentioned when football socks, leaving aside the stadium, the first thought is South Korea's sister who campus, whether it is hot or soft sister soft Spicy Girl, everyone dressed a good pair of socks, and even overly point that Japan and South Korea in addition to uniforms we left the campus culture, is that a pair of white cotton socks deepest impression.

If you listen to the song Smecta powder Chi Long GD right figure this number, you will find him as the representative of the influx of people, nike elite socks for sale including world music Cui Xueli (fx), EXO and others, including recently are wearing a brand of football socks, Pyrex Vision, Kanye West by the Queen's stylist Virgil Abloh founded the brand in rap circles in Europe and America are also quite popular, Hom Lord Needless to say, Jay-Z and Chris Brown are often what they wear at home nike socks sale. Will be clearly printed on the brand name Pyrex Vision soccer socks, said before these stars that is not taboo to wear when it is exposed to.

But more overbearing interpretation also comes as Prada spring and summer series, Ms. Miuccia Prada all appearances, "Matou" wore a similar socks football socks, with those fashion printed art painting online nike socks sale. Immediately after the press conference was a supermodel, bloggers, stylists and other fashion have learned again the main force. Compared with soccer socks, shoes, fashion outfit, Prada this sock is indeed a fashion upgrade version, but most importantly, will not engender malicious sell Meng associations. Tips, most easy to navigate and the color is lazy slippers or sandals hit the color mix and match, or some time ago we wrote Adidas slippers, cheap nike elite socks for sale but the basic models can also wear black pointed high heels put on it, but It requires that you have a strong aura can.