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Heapsylon by Microsoft is a three-person team of engineers to leave, they want to develop more wearable products, wholesale nike elite socks free shipping such as intelligent smart socks --SensoriaSmartSock this upcoming presentation.

Why let the socks become intelligent? Heapsylon answer given is simple: wearable computing, or worn with something to count more reliable wholesale nike elite socks sale. If there is a product of the time personal data measuring the body, we can better manage their health daily life.

SensoriaSmartSock is a knitting socks, but not with the line, nike elite socks cheap wholesale but with a soft woven fabric sensor. These sensors are bonded pace to generate accurate motion data, user-friendly attitude of their sport technical analysis and improvement. A good horse with a good saddle, SensoriaSmartSock also need to match a magnetic foot ring can play a better effect, wholesale nike elite socks online this foot ring function is to record and measure the power supply as well as acceleration and other information.

Socks sensor is called sensorium, wholesale nike elite socks outlet including pressure sensors 1-2, collect everyone at the same distance will take the number of steps, what kind of pace posture, to start running or start walking, cheap nike elite socks wholesale weight is changed.

Heapsylon said that the smart socks earliest possible launch in the hardware market, and the main sports market, elite socks wholesale such as the golf industry, tracking can improve serve urging foot level. Late, the data collected from going dry socks more things, such as whether the material worthy football helmet to reduce injuries, the exact pace of data is used to provide the best soccer training. Other companies re-creation of something else more socks according to this data.

Heapsylon's CEO Vigano said they are trying to enhance the comfort of the foot ring, foot ring and the wearer make the perfect combination, wholesale nike elite socks sale and try to get this foot ring to become a fashion accessory. While this objective to be achieved is not easy, after all, wearing foot ring will be very reminiscent of people under house arrest. But with like Nike FuelBand and Jawbone Up and other wearable accessories appear intelligent movement, perhaps this is not the goal can not be achieved cheap nike elite socks wholesale.