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A young American Stance socks manufacturer is planning to aid American professional basketball league (NBA) star effect profit nike elite basketball socks.
US professional basketball league (NBA) and socks wear brand Stance just signed a multi-year cooperation agreement buy nike elite socks china. This is the first licensed NBA socks wear brand of LOGO appear in the game installed in socks. That is, from the beginning of August this year, next season, fans will see athletes wearing socks LOGO printed Stance of the game on the pitch.
NBA and the two sides did not disclose the specific amount Stance This cooperation involved. Analysts predict that as the NBA's official partner, Stance global sales next year is expected to reach $ 5.6 billion.
Nearly 15 years, NBA players wearing on the court are printed with the NBA LOGO socks. Lisa Piken Koper NBA vice president said that in recent years, buy nike elite socks from china before the partners For Bare Feet cooperation with the NBA after received more than triple-digit growth. But it did not allow printed on the sock itself LOGO. With the gradual opening of NBA jersey advertising, as parts of the socks has also become the object pursued by advertisers. Piken Koper said, "This is the direction of our future development."
John Wilson, founder and president of Stance Socks think, NBA is a great partner because it not only represents the top level of competition and sportsmanship, buy nike elite socks online but also reflects the lifestyle and culture of young people. "NBA basketball is not only when people say NBA, will think of music, fashion and art, this is the NBA's unique cultural characteristics."
Stance has signed the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade, Detroit's Andre Drummond, Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson and Dallas Mavericks Chandler Parsons four stars As spokesperson.
Stance NBA players will provide a rich choice of style socks, basic models including black or white, nike basketball elite socks and the team colors using custom models. On Christmas Day or other special occasions All-Star break, Stance will launch a limited edition socks. In addition, Stance also plans to introduce the legendary star commemorative section, including the "Big Bird" Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain and the "answer" to Allen Iverson and other topics socks. This not only meets the needs of the players to express individuality, nike elite socks basketball are also effective means of suction gold.
In addition to the United States outside the NBA, Stance also has a partnership with the US Major League Baseball (MLB).月初 4, Stance replaced For Bare Feet became MLB's socks dress supplier, introduced, including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and other eight themed sports socks.
In 2007, Nike launched the first professional sports socks "Elite" series. Founded in 2010 with a more stylish design Stance attracted many young consumers, nike elite socks black priced at $ 15-25 sports socks became enthusiastic young single product. Stance investors include singer Jay Z and actor Will Smith. Five years ago, annual sales growth Stance more than 100%.
Currently, the size of the US market of socks installed in about $ 1.8 billion. Consumer demand for professional sports socks filled with still growing, from September 2013 to August 2014, sales growth in socks filled with 2% higher than the overall apparel category nike elites socks.